ICYMI: That awkward Republican presidential debate introduction


One of the most talked-about moments of Saturday’s Republican debate hosted by ABC were the awkward candidate entrances.

Just how awkward were they? CNN’s Jeanne Moos compared them to other not-so-grand entrances.

The desperate gestures of a backstage handler told the story of what one website called “a chain reaction of cringe.”

Sure, it could have been worse. No one fell like Miss America. No one got a concussion like Conan O’Brien. No one tripped over a red carpet while singing the national anthem on skates.

The debate introduction was just incredibly awkward, starting when Ben Carson didn’t respond to his name, for the obvious reason.

“I couldn’t hear it,” the presidential candidate said.

Just when Carson seemed ready to advance, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz cruised by.

Donald Trump likewise seemed to miss his name, letting Jeb Bush brush by with a tap and a “see ya later guys” expression. The scene prompted Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost to remark: “That is something you’ll never see again, Jeb Bush passing Donald Trump.”

When the moderators finally introduced the Republican candidates, only four were actually on stage.

“Can I introduce Kasich?” asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“What a mess” tweeted Wendy Williams. which prompted a Carson defender to bring up a dramatic entrance Wendy made on stage.

Sometimes your entrance can go just fine, but then you get to your exit, like when President Bush had trouble handling those locked door handles in China.

“The View” hosts recreated the Republican snafu as they made their entrance.

When it comes to hailing these chiefs, you’d better hail them louder.

This weekend’s debate was actually the highest-rated debate of 2016 so far, pulling in 13.2 million viewers.

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