‘I thought I was going to catch fire.’ Driver lucky to be alive after Whitmore attempted murder


Honolulu police have opened an attempted murder case after they say a man intentionally rammed his car into the back of a woman’s truck on Wednesday.

He ran off, and she remains hospitalized.

On Thursday, we spoke to the woman in the third vehicle involved in the crash.

Police say a man driving this white Mercedes car rear-ended the black Toyota truck sending it across the cross the center line, and right into the path of a Toyota SUV.  

“I guess I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Gheil Ann Malinay, Whitmore crash victim.

The driver of the Toyota, told us she tried to avoid the truck, but it came at her far too quickly. And all she could do was close her eyes. 

“And when I opened my eyes  the air bags in my car all just all deployed,” added Malinay. “It was just all in front of me. I tried to get out of my car. I couldn’t and I started to smell smoke. I panicked cause I thought I was going to catch on fire.” 

Her car slid on the grass, damaging not only a fence, but her car door,  preventing her from getting out.

Fortunately others came to her aid.  

“I think they broke the handle of my car and got it open,” she said.  “And that was it. They helped me out until responders got there.”

She says she has many more reasons to give thanks knowing the results could have been much different.

“It completely changed the way I feel about driving, or even being on the road,” said Malinay. “I’m just thankful that yes I made it out alive.  I’m walking but what I’m grateful for is that my kids weren’t with me in the car.”

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