‘I saw everything.’ Cop killer’s alleged accomplice reveals new details of deadly shootout


We’re learning more about a deadly shootout between Hawaii island police and fugitive Justin Waiki at a checkpoint last Friday afternoon.

The exchange of gunfire killed Waiki and injured a Special Response Team sergeant in South Point.

Three suspected accomplices who were in the SUV when Waiki was shot returned to a Kona courtroom Tuesday for the start of their preliminary hearing.

Defendants Krystle Ferreira, Malia Lajala, and Jorge Pagan-Torres are charged with accomplice to attempted murder, accomplice to place to keep, and hindering prosecution. Police say they helped hide Waiki from police after he murdered an officer.

In court, prosecutors played a recording from Lajala’s interview with police following her arrest.

Lajala told police that Jamie Jason, the woman who was hiding in the back of the SUV with Waiki, was actually shot by Waiki.

Lajala: I think he shot Jamie first.  

Officer: You pretty sure that he shot Jamie?

Lajala: I know he shot Jamie.

Officer: Okay, I’m sorry, I wasn’t there, but tell me how you know. Did you see him shoot Jamie?

Lajala: I saw him. I saw everything.

Police say Waiki opened fire on Sgt. Bryan Tina after he opened the hatch of the SUV. Officers returned fire, killing Waiki.

Lajala: I don’t know who went shoot first, if it was Justin to shoot first or them.

Officer: But you swear it was Justin that shoot her?

Lajala: Yeah.

Officer: Did she say anything when Justin went shoot her?

Lajala: Yeah.

Officer: What did she say?

Lajala: ‘Ow, Justin. Ow, ow, Justin.’ The whole time, ‘Ow, ow, Justin.’

We’re told Jason remains in the hospital, recovering from her gunshot wounds.

Lajala told police the gun Waiki used to shoot and kill Officer Bronson Kaliloa last Tuesday was different from the one he used to injure Tina.

She also claimed that she didn’t help to hide the two people in the back.

Officer: But how could they put that stuff on top themselves?

Lajala: What you mean?

Officer: You said that them, Justin and Jamie, went cover themselves.

There wasn’t enough time to finish the preliminary hearing Tuesday, so it was continued to next month. They’ll be back in court on Aug. 23.

The three are still being held without bail.

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