Hurricane Patricia diverts wedding party from Mexico to Hawaii


(CNN) — While travelers visiting Puerto Vallarta and other vacation spots on Mexico’s Pacific coast evacuated or sought shelter on Friday as Hurricane Patricia came closer, one wedding party flying out of San Diego made some emergency plans to fly west instead to Hawaii.

Gavin Sermona said “We weren’t sure what was happening and then we were told the hurricane shifted. When the hurricane shifted, that’s when we were emailed and messaging each other constantly until the groom decided we were going to go to Hawaii. That’s when everyone changed their plans spontaneously, so it’s been pretty exciting.”

About 15,000 foreign and domestic tourists were moved to shelters in Jalisco state ahead of the powerful hurricane’s landfall, expected on Friday evening, said Jose Maria Tapia, director general of the National Disaster Prevention Center.

All flights to and from Puerto Vallarta’s airport were suspended ahead of the storm, Federal Police tweeted.

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