Hurricane Lane scare should prompt advanced preparation as storm season kicks into gear


The National Weather Service says that former category 5 Hurricane Lane’s flirtation with Hawaii in August of 2018 should function as a shot across the bow for local residents.

With Hurricane Barbara strengthening in the Eastern Pacific Tuesday, forecasters say that now is as good a time as ever to obtain supplies.

“Hopefully we don’t see a hurricane in the islands, but if one does reach the islands and hit one of the islands, having at least two weeks of food, water, for your entire family, medicines.” Said National Weather Service Meteorologist Robert Bohlin.

Hawaii is uniquely situated in the world to receive emergency supplies. The state is also short on shelters for the state’s population and tourists.

“If a major hurricane strikes Oahu and shuts down the ports, it actually shuts down supplies for all of the islands, not just Oahu. So Hurricane Lane was a very good wake up call for a lot of us that we could get a major hurricane come here.” Bohlin added.

“One of the issues that we have with shelters on the islands is there’s not enough shelters for everybody. So you kind of got to make your home more of a shelter in place scenario so you have everything to take care of your basic needs for your family.”

Local residents are taking the close call with Lane seriously as an above-average Hurricane season shifts into high gear.

“We see it on the news and the last couple of years with Hurricane Lane it’s nice to be ready.” Said Liliha resident Sepasi Feleunga.

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