HPD searching for man who tried to kidnap child, assaulted teenager who intervened


The victim was 15-year-old Cierra McQueen.  She tells us the attack happened here in broad daylight on Kamaaha Avenue in Kapolei.

Even though she was hurt, she says she’s glad she was able to help. It’s a small price to pay knowing she saved a little girl.

“It is kind of traumatizing, but I’m glad there is some good out of this. I’m glad the little girl is okay,” said Cierra McQueen.

Cierra tells me she was walking her dog around the block when she saw a little girl running towards her yelling for help because a man was following her.

“That’s when I saw the man running behind her. So I told her to just run cause you need to get to your mother. That’s when I decided to push the man to try to get him away cause then he uttered the words ‘Oh, I’ll take you then,'” said McQueen.

He pushed Cierra back and she fell to the ground. 

“And then he pulled out a box cutter/knife and tried to, he was aiming for a neck. So I’m thinking he was trying to slit my throat,” said McQueen.

Thankfully he missed. But he did slash her upper chest. 

“I froze for a little bit and it wasn’t until I was running home and started bleeding that I actually started to panic. Before I got home I looked back and I saw the little girl meet her mom so then I knew it was a good thing.”

Cierra then called home for help

“By the time I came downstairs she made it to the courtyard and I saw her crying and I asked her what was wrong and then she sat down for a second and I saw the blood,” said Cierra’s mom, Shannon McQueen.

Shannon is grateful her dsughter wasn’t seriously hurt. And she tells me she’s also very proud of her.

“It is a little traumatizing as a parent but after hearing the entire story I’m very thankful she was there because a smaller child probably wouldn’t have been equipped to handle the situation as she did,” said Shannon.

Cierra says the next time she walks her dog she’ll stay closer to home or will bring her older brother.

Cierra says after the suspect cut her he ran off toward a nearby construction site. She’d never seen him before or after the incident. As for the little girl she helped, she hasn’t seen her since that day either. 

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