HPD investigating after illegal dumping caught on camera


Video posted on the Facebook page “My Kailua” shows someone illegally dumping items out of a U-haul rental truck of Kapaa Quarry Road.

The video has received nearly 100,000 views, and now police are getting involved.

“There was a mattress over there. It was a lot,” said Dan Nakandakari, a shop manager for U-haul.

When Nakandakari saw the video, he knew what needed to be done.

“It’s our responsibility to just do the right thing, and pick up after each other when we can,” he said.

Nakandakari and another employee loaded up two trucks and took the trash down the street to the Kapaa Transfer Station.

“It was sad to see, but yet this is satisfying to see right here,” Nakandakari said pointing to the cleaned up roadway.

Illegal dumping has been a problem along Kapaa Quarry Road for years. The city says it needs to stop.

“It’s just outrageous behavior, and we really need the eyes and the ears of the community to make the situation better,” Andrew Pereira, the city spokesman said.

Pereira said whoever took the video did the right thing. The city encourages people to report illegal dumping.

In this case, because the video of the license plate was so clear, action is being taken.

“We identified the truck that was used in this illegal dumping and are assisting law enforcement in this matter,” U-Haul said in a statement to KHON2.

“So for the criminal investigation they could be fined $500, and for the civil investigation the fines could go anywhere from $250 all the way up to $2,500,” Pereira said. “This is something we’re taking very seriously.”

Nakandakari said people just need to be good neighbors.

“We all live on this island. Basically, this is our home, and at home what do we do? If we see rubbish, pick it up!” he said.

The Honolulu Police Department has opened a criminal littering case and the investigation is on going.

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