Honolulu Zoo releases video of endangered Golden White-Eye chick


The Honolulu Zoo captured on video a significant event of a captive-born Golden White-Eye chick in its nest.

The bird is endemic to the Northern Mariana Islands and is considered critically endangered.

The zoo posted on its Facebook page that “In the past 20 years, this species has gone from being of no conservation concern, to the brink of extinction. An expanding human population has had an impact on the species, despite its ability to persist in a range of habitats. The Brown Tree Snake poses a significant threat to the future of the Golden White-Eye. The predatory Brown Tree Snake was first accidentally introduced to the neighboring island of Guam shortly after World War II and has since been reported on three of the Mariana Islands, including Saipan.

“The devastating impact this invasive reptile may have on the Golden White-Eye is illustrated by the loss of eight of Guam’s 11 bird species since the Brown Tree Snake arrived on the island. Thankfully, the island of Aguijan is currently free from the Brown Tree Snake and, due to its inaccessibility, will hopefully remain so.”

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