Honolulu workers try to beat the heat in temps that can reach 150 degrees on asphalt


With temperatures consistently reaching into the 90’s with high humidity across the state, many are heading indoors to air conditioning to find relief.

Even higher than Sunday’s high of 94 degrees was the temperature on asphalt, which can reach 40-60 degrees higher than the ambient air temperature.

Some in Hawaii are stuck working in these conditions on the street in the heat of the day. Construction workers are some of the highest to be at risk of heat related illness due to the asphalt temperatures, heavy machinery, and physical nature of the profession.

“Hard hats, covered clothes, and everybody got water and everybody got gallon jugs of water.” supervisor Jaumal Perkins said.

What could be worse than working on the street? Possibly cooking meat.

Food trucks are usually stationed atop the black top, with flames and hot oil inside the metal vehicles.

“I’m drinking 100 ounces a day.” Chubbies Burgers employee Brandon Arnold said of his water intake.

Chubbies has the luxury of an air conditioner inside of their food truck, but even with the windows open the truck is sweltering.

“Probably like 20-30% but that’s about it.” Arnold said of the difference the A/C makes.

Hawaii’s usually powerful summer trade winds are expected to return to full strength at the end of the work week, but even on breezy days many employees struggle to recall a hotter stretch.

“Wasn’t it like the hottest July ever recorded? So yeah definitely not.” said Arnold.

“To be honest with you not really when I was a kid I had no shirt no slippah and I was good.” Perkins added.

“Now, it’s wooh!”

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