For years the City and County of Honolulu has been picking up bulky items once a month with the schedule depending on where you live. But they will be launching a new pilot project soon for bulky item pick up for some residents in Honolulu.

The pilot project is expected to be carried out between the areas of Salt Lake and Hawaii Kai. It has already been presented in multiple neighborhood board meetings in those areas this month. Residents say they were told the pilot project will begin in June and last through to next year.

Residents in this area say they are open to trying this pilot project, since they struggle with the current bulky item collection system in place.

“It’s a pretty dense, multi-family neighborhood, and so what we’ve encountered in the past has been issues with the current monthly bulky item pick up not being picked up on time,” said Tim Straitz, McCully and Moilili neighborhood board chair. “That trash builds up on the sidewalks, which are pretty narrow throughout the neighborhood.”

Under the new bulky item collection pilot project, residents will have to go to the City’s website or call to make an appointment to get their bulky items removed. Residents would also have to put down what specific items they want picked up. They say they were told the bulky item collection is free.

Many neighborhood board members say that so far the feedback from the community has been positive.

“Hopefully the system will do that. They will make an appointment, so it’s convenient for them and they’ll only put their trash out like the day before rather than just piling up,” said Patrick Smith, Nuuanu and Punchbowl neighborhood board member.

However, there are some concerns regarding making an appointment on the website for people who don’t know their way around the internet and how scheduling would work for multiple people in a condo since only a certain number of items can be picked up at once.

“The concern that we might have in the neighborhood is when people start putting the trash out, it almost invites others to start putting it out there because they don’t necessarily know that its a designated trash pickup,” said Straitz.

The City and County of Honolulu says they will be releasing more information next week on the pilot project.