Honolulu Police Department honors officers and civilians


The Honolulu Police Department recognized its outstanding officers and civilians on Wednesday.

Among them, Officer William Takvorian, who received the bronze medal of merit.

In October of last year, he and Officer Jooney Hong responded to a hostage situation in Waikiki.

Upon arrival, the officers noticed a male covered in blood and wielding a knife. When the male saw the officers, he started yelling and threatened to harm his hostage. Both officers entered the front door and took cover inside the living room. The male suspect began throwing objects against the walls, including a meat cleaver that nearly struck Officer Hong. Officer Takvorian spoke to the suspect and confirmed that he was holding his roommate hostage
After hours of negotiating, Officer Takvorian formed a rapport with the suspect, and eventually convinced him to release his hostage and surrender peacefully.

like any situation it happened so fast that you just do what you were trained to do, said Officer William Takvorian. Go in and try to make the scene safe, help whoever’s in need.

Officer Jooney Hong was presented with a Certificate of Merit for assisting in a barricade situation.

Others that were honored are:
District 2 (Mililani/Wahiawa/North Shore) Officer Aaron Oshiro was named Officer of the Quarter for his outstanding work in the community. During the fourth quarter of 2018, Officer Oshiro had more than 400 cases, wrote over 200 reports, responded to more than 175 miscellaneous calls for service, and made 65 arrests. Seven of those arrests were for impaired driving and one was for a fireworks violation. Officer Oshiro has also shown strong support for traffic enforcement and safety by issuing more than 350 citations 66 for speeding and 14 for excessive speeding. When district supervisors conduct quality assurance callbacks, community members praise Officer Oshiro for his professionalism, genuine concern, and overall helpfulness.

The District 4 (Windward Oahu) Community Policing Team (CPT) was named Unit of the Quarter. During the fourth quarter, they participated in Neighborhood Board meetings and other community events. In addition to their regular duties, the CPT started a pilot program called Kau Kau with a Cop, which focuses on at-risk youth at Kapunahala Elementary School. The CPT also conducted property crime enforcement, which led to more than 180 arrests and more than 680 citations for various offenses. The CPT continues to improve the quality of life for area residents while enforcing the laws.

Ms. Kristin Ishihara of the Information Technology Division was named Employee of the Quarter. As a Computer Programmer II, Ms. Ishihara has excelled in her programming duties. In addition to her regular responsibilities, Ms. Ishihara took on the duties of a vacant position, providing statistics for the HPD and outside agencies. She also became the HPD’s liaison for the National Incident Based Reporting System. Ms. Ishihara also works with the state Department of Transportation to provide state motor vehicle accident report data to the vendor. Ms. Ishihara is a team player and exceptional employee who takes on new duties with a positive attitude.

District 6 Officers Cody Peer and James Saffery were presented with Certificates of Merit. In December, the officers were working Special Duty at the Honolulu Marathon when they received a call of a male runner who went into cardiac arrest. Upon arrival, the officers relieved two other runners who were already performing CPR on the male. When an ambulance arrived, the officers used an automated external defibrillator (AED) on the victim. As a result, the victim’s heart resumed beating and he began breathing on his own. The male was taken to the hospital in critical condition and survived thanks to the officers and Good Samaritans who rendered aid.

District 4 Corporal John Zeuzheim was presented with a Certificate of Merit. In November, Corporal Zeuzheim and Officer Grandon Costa were on patrol when they responded to a call of a collapsed male at Kailua District Park. Upon arrival, the officers observed a bystander performing CPR on the victim. Corporal Zeuzheim sprang into action and took control of the situation. He noticed the victim was turning blue and could not find a pulse, so he proceeded use an AED. When the AED failed, he instructed Officer Costa to retrieve another one from the nearby Kailua substation. Corporal Zeuzheim continued to render aid until the Honolulu Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services arrived.

Ms. Tiana Meyers and Ms. Kaleigh Werra were presented with Certificates of Merit. In December, Ms. Meyers and Ms. Werra were at Sandy Beach Park when they observed a juvenile male run off with an unattended bag on the beach. As they called 911, the juvenile male boarded a city bus. With the information provided to the dispatcher, HPD officers located the suspect on the bus a few miles down the road. Ms. Meyers and Ms. Werra’s quick actions led to the recovery of the stolen property.

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