HONOLULU (KHON2) — Starting April 2025, you’ll be able to throw food waste and manufactured compostable materials in the same bin you throw out your grass trimmings, leaves and branches.

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“It helps achieve our overall goal of diverting that, less material from having to go to a landfill,” said Department of Environmental Services (DES) Director, Roger Babcock Jr.

On Friday afternoon, Nov. 17, Mayor Rick Blangiardi signed Bill 47 redefining recyclables to include items like take-out food containers, bags, utensils and food scraps.

“It’s just about a smarter and better use of our waste materials and turning it into a really productive resource for us,” stated Mayor Blangiardi.

According to DES, compost is valuable in promoting a circular economy and enhancing the soil for all industries.

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Until the new ordinance goes into effect, the only materials that can go into the green bins will be green waste.