Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell announces new measure to curb the spread of coronavirus in the community by cancelling events larger than 50 people and shutting the doors of indoor facilities owned by the city through the end of April.

The mayor said it is no longer business as usual as new cases of coronavirus continue to surface.

Caldwell said, “People coming to us and saying can we have a concert at the Blaisdell, can we play the symphony at the Blaisdell or can we have a baby luau for over 100 in some park somewhere we’re going to say no we are not going to allow you to do that.”

The mayor said public parks, pools, the zoo and other city services like the bus and trash pick-up will continue under advise of social distancing.

He said the city and county is not requesting private businesses like restaurants and bars to close down, but he is strongly encourages them to follow CDC guidelines.

“If we see greater spread based on science based on the medical profession based on the department of health and CDC we will take further action on extending these closures,” Caldwell said. “I think its in their best interest because its about protecting number one their customers but also their employees and so taking action at least following the CDC recommendation of 50 or more or not having events no larger than that.”

Already businesses and events are scaling back or canceling without a city and county mandate.

The Latern Floating Hawaii canceled its festival in May, while the Ala Moana and Royal Hawaiian Center are cutting shopping hours by opening later and closing early.

The Ala Moana Center will open from noon to 7 PM, and it will close at 6 PM on Sundays.

The Royal Hawaiian center will open from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Caldwell also announced a new facility on Ka’a’ahi Street for the purpose of treating and housing homeless people who may test positive for Covid 19.

Caldwell said, “We’re providing a facility and expensive facility that cost millions of dollars to purchase.”

He said the city is providing the facility with its utilities, but it will be up to the state and the Department of Health to supply the needed surrounding services for the homeless individuals.