Homeless man killed by dogs owned by Kalihi business


A homeless man was mauled to death by two dogs in Kalihi.

The Honolulu medical examiner says Crisencio Aliado, 52, died from multiple dog bite wounds.

Aliado’s body was found at around 7 p.m. Friday, July 29, on a stream bank near Marukai, along Kamehameha Highway.

Two dogs were found at the scene. The Hawaiian Humane Society says they are currently in its custody, as requested by the Honolulu Police Department.

But what triggered the attack?

The investigation is currently classified as an “unattended death” as police try to piece together what happened.

Witnesses say it happened behind Containerland, a party supply warehouse.

“There was a dead body. A guy was mauled. It looked like his leg and his head was all bloody,” said a witness.

Aliado’s friend, Norbert Cardoza, picked up the clothes he says Aliado was washing in the stream at the time of the attack.

“He was the most mild-mannered person you could meet. Didn’t bother nobody. Just that he was homeless,” said Cardoza.

The owners of Containerland did not want to go on camera, but confirmed the two dogs under the Humane Society’s care belong to them.

They say the family pets somehow got outside of the fenced warehouse, and that the dogs — pit bull mixes — are typically “well-mannered.”

“What could have happened to trigger an animal attacking a human?” KHON2 asked dog trainer Wendy Mah.

“Well, dogs are predatory animals. Usually there’s movement. If someone doesn’t know the animal, and starts yelling at them, that actually escalates everything,” Mah answered.

Two dogs were found at the scene, which Mah says triggers a “pack mentality.”

“If they feel there’s danger, they’re going to protect each other,” added Mah.

Mah stresses that all dogs are capable of attack if it feels threatened. She says if you encounter a stray dog, try not to make big movements, or loud noises.

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