There’s a new way to pay for a ride on city buses on Oahu. 

It’s called the ‘HOLO’ card. Officials hope it eliminates the frustration of handling paper boarding passes and cash. 

The electronic transit card is already in circulation as part of a pilot program that started earlier in December. The pilot program is expected to last through February. 

A ‘HOLO’ card works by loading money onto it then simply tapping it on the ‘HOLO’ card reader every time a passenger boards a city bus. 

HOLO card owners will be able to use it on TheBus, Handi-van and eventually the Rail. 

Incase someone loses their HOLO card or if someone steals it, the money is protected, as long as the card is registered. 

There is also a HOLO card assistance help line. 

Seniors and youth can already get a card at the Kalihi Transit Center pass office. 

The city is still looking for “early adopters” to help test out the system.

For more information on the HOLO card and how it works, click here