U.S. senators Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz paid tribute to former Sen. Daniel Akaka in Washington, D.C. Monday.

The longtime statesman died Friday at the age of 93, after serving on Capitol Hill for nearly four decades.

“Sen. Akaka is deeply missed by all the people in Hawaii, and I daresay he will be deeply missed by colleagues in the House and Senate,” said Hirono.

“The Senate would be better off if there were more leaders like Danny. He fought for the vulnerable, promoted peace, and looked for common ground,” said Schatz. “Most of all, he embodied aloha spirit, and showed us all what it means to have a pure heart, and be a true public servant.”

Services for Akaka are still pending. His family is expected to meet Tuesday, and will determine whether he will lie in state.

Gov. David Ige ordered that flags be flown at half staff until Akaka’s services are finished.