Hiker wants changes after pet attacked by hunting dogs


A short hike turned into a nightmare for a Pearl City woman when her dog was attacked by hunting dogs. She’s reaching out to other pet owners and hunters because she’s afraid it will happen again.

The pet owner says new rules also need to be put in place because having hunting dogs and pets in the same trail is a dangerous combination.

“One dog wouldn’t let go of her neck and then her belly of course,” said Doreen Jordan.

She just brought home her eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Pinot after having surgery yesterday. She says they were hiking with her other dog Maggie at Waimano Loop Trail when a pack of hunting dogs attacked Pinot.

“We were all punching kicking trying to get the dogs off of her,” Jordan said.
“How many dogs were attacking her?” KHON2 asked.
“I would say four to five,” she said.

Pinot was rushed to the vet, were she got more than 100 stitches.

“Her stomach was open you saw the incision so her abdomen was torn open,” Jordan said.

There is a sign at the trail head that says it’s a hunting area. But Jordan questions why hunting dogs can run loose at the trail.

Hunters say their dogs are allowed to be off leash even on the trail which, they even admit, is a dangerous combination when hikers are around.

“I think you just got to be aware be knowledgeable where you are and the area you are,” said Mitchell Tynanes of the Oahu Pig Hunters Association.

KHON2 also checked with the state and learned that hunting dogs should be under control and physically restrained at all times, except when hunting and in pursuit of game. And the owner is liable for all actions and damages caused by the dog. 

Tynanes says it might be best to have separate days on the trail for hikers and hunters.

“Maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday hiking, Tuesday, Thursday, on the weekends hunting. I don’t know, something,” said Tynanes.

Jordan would like to see something change before something worse happens.

“She’s alive can I have a kiss?” Jordan said to Pinot.

The hunters did help Jordan get Pinot to the vet, and she is expected to make a full recovery. 

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