‘Hero’ dog saves Wisconsin family from deadly gas leak


HARTLAND, Wis. (WISN) — A Wisconsin family is calling their dog a hero.

They say their pet’s persistence is the reason they’re still alive to share their story.

Five-year-old Bella Siekert says Abby, their Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix, is her best friend and now a “Superdog.”

On Thursday morning, Nicole Siekert got Bella and her twin sister, Grace, up for school.

“We were all just kind of out of sorts when we woke up,” she said.

The family had furnace troubles in the days before, but didn’t think much of it. Nicole took the girls to school and returned home.

“It was just really starting to hit me where I just felt very flu-ish suddenly. I felt very dizzy, very light-headed.”

She went and laid down, but her dog became extremely clingy.

“Just jumped up on the bed and started nudging me and pawing at me. She took my head and tried to lift up my head with her nose,” Nicole Siekert said.

Nicole thought Abby had to go outside, so they went down the stairs, but Abby didn’t stop at the front door. She continued to go down the stairs where the carbon monoxide detector was going off.

“It was like a flash. Everything just came together and it made sense,” said Nicole Siekert.

It turns out an exhaust pipe to the home was blocked and carbon monoxide had been building up.

Abby knew something wasn’t right, and wanted her family safe.

“She saved my life. She saved our lives,” said Nicole Siekert.

“We love her a lot and she’s really amazing,” said Bella Siekert.

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