Heavy rain creates problems across Oahu, flooding and leaking roof at airport


Heavy rains also hit Oahu Wednesday, creating problems across the island.

There was brown water at the beach at Ala Moana Park, and a lot of debris collected in the Ala Wai Canal.

The rain also created flooding that threatened a home just off Round Top Drive. The family said Tuesday night’s rain brought down a boulder, which clogged a pipe near a stream bed. The state is assisting the family.

In Mapunapuna, businesses are struggling with floodwaters causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Any time there’s heavy rain on Oahu, businesses in Mapunapuna brace themselves because the street fronting their places ends up looking more like a lake, with cars struggling to get through inches of flood waters near Kilihau and Ahua streets.

Over at Davis Design Center, the company says it suffers thousands of dollars in damage anytime it floods, which is often. Sandbags and plywood line the business, but the efforts aren’t enough.

Showroom manager Luella Sufrin said the company is still dealing with mold and damage after Darby brought 18 inches of water that flooded the place a few weeks back.

“I don’t sleep really well when it rains anymore,” Sufrin said, “because I know when I come to work, I’m going to be faced with something. … It keeps happening. The worst part about it is not being able to be comfortable here, knowing that every time we close the doors and go home, it could happen overnight.”

She said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell and City Council member Joey Manahan recently stopped by to survey the damage, and we’re told both are looking into the problem to see what can be done to help businesses in Mapunapuna.

The heavy rain also forced passengers flying out of Honolulu International Airport to dash from one security checkpoint to the next because of a leaking roof.

We found out about the problem from a viewer who used the “Report It” feature on our website.

The rain caused the ceiling over TSA checkpoint 5 in the international terminal to start leaking. Maintenance crews responded to clean the area and make it safe.

When we stopped by the airport, even though a part of the checkpoint was closed off, an employee said the pre-check line would remain open for the rest of the day.

We also noticed passengers were being diverted to another check point.

We were told that the airport has experienced rain leakage in the past and crews inspect the area to assess any damage.

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