HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ season premiere at the Tower of London


(CNN) — It’s the most popular show on HBO and the most pirated program worldwide.

Game of Thrones‘ is back for another bloody season and producers kicked off their return to TV in style at the iconic Tower of London.

Steeped in royal history, both tangled and bloody. On this day however, home to the fictional land of Westeros for the world premiere of Game of Thrones.

Amid medieval fires and dragons, loyal fans awaited the stars.

Everyone wants in on this HBO series, even the yeomen warders, guarding the Tower of London were keen to play a part.

It is after all one of the most popular TV shows in the world, and has been illegally downloaded more than any other over the last three years.

For the stars, it’s also about survival. The show has become notorious for killing off lead characters.

It’s that which keeps cast and fans on their toes.

“It doesn’t take the audience for idiots. It doesn’t give them what they’re expecting. It doesn’t say you know what, that guy you really like, he’s going to win at the end. It doesn’t do that. It might be the guy that you hate and i think that’s what engaging about it and that’s why people love it,” Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow said.

That, together with the lust, intrigue and the constant craving for power… themes which can be understood by all generations.

“It’s not just people who love the fantasy genre that love this show. It’s people who never thought they would watch anything like this…people my age and my 70-year-old uncle,” Hannah Murray who plays ‘Gilly’ said.

Plenty of plot twists, where no one it seems is safe.

The question really is, which one of these houses will rule the Game of Thrones.

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