Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Bryson Bagio


Honolulu police are looking for Bryson Bagio, whom you may recall was caught after leading police on a chase across Oahu in June.

Sgt. Kim Buffett of Crimestoppers said that “on June 8, 2016 at 9:10 a.m., an APB was broadcast to officers that a stolen vehicle was observed in the area of Kahekili Highway. The officers took post again and observed (Bagio) on Kahekili and then traveling at a high rate of speed and traveling towards Mokulele.

“The officers did follow in a safe manner and observed the vehicle on Oneawa Street collide with another vehicle. The vehicle again fled and was later stopped on Kaha Street when the vehicle stalled.”

Bagio was arrested for driving a stolen car and “accidents involving bodily injury.” He was also arrested in January for driving a stolen car and refusing to stop.

Bagio is now wanted for two $100,000 warrants in connection with those cases for not showing up for sentencing and change of plea last week.

Police say he frequents the Kaneohe area, plus Buffett added that Bagio has two prior convictions.

If you know where Bryson Bagio is, call Crimestoppers at 955-8300.

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