Hawaiian Airlines ‘ohana’ flight features three generations of flight attendants


Hawaiian Airlines and a family of flight attendants celebrated a special milestone Thursday.

All of the flight attendants on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 2 from Honolulu to Los Angeles Thursday were related!

The eight flight attendants span three generations with a combined 116 years of experience at Hawaiian Airlines.

They include a daughter, nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandnephews.

This was the first time a Hawaiian Airlines flight has had all of the flight attendants on a single flight belonging to the same family.

“It’s actually really quite exciting. I thought just flying with my daughter and then my grandnephew here and the rest of my nieces and nephews, I didn’t think that this was actually going to be possible for all of us,” said flight attendant Teiti Correa.

“I’m just so stoked,” said flight attendant Tauarii Nahalea-Marama. “Three generations with my grandmother, sisters, and grandaunt, and as far as her nieces and nephew, and one of them is my mom, and I’m just the next generation below that.”

On Saturday’s return flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu, the family will be joined by two pilots who also have deep family roots in the airline.

Everyone on both flights will receive lei, 500 Hawaiian miles and other goodies just for being on this special ohana flight.

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