Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant soothes crying child on late-night flight


An act of kindness was caught on camera.

A flight attendant cared for a crying toddler during a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Los Angeles.

For some, it can be an inconvenience. For others, they feel bad for the kid and parent.

But on this Valentine’s Day, we’re about to share with you how love and kindness trump all.

Passenger Rachel Yuen Nihi tells us it was a late-night flight, and the toddler was crying for at least half an hour.

“She had three little ones with her and the youngest one was just having a hard time,” said Yuen Nihi. “Mom was doing everything she could to soothe him.”

Nothing worked, so flight attendant Gina Reyes gave it a shot.

“I saw a place where I could help,” said Reyes. “I was rocking and singing to him. I was singing lullabies to him.”

“I watched that mom just literally lean back in her chair and breathe,” said Yuen Nihi.

Reyes has four children of her own and was also a surrogate mother. You can say she has that special touch.

“A lot of people call me Momma Gina,” she said.

“It’s just that human kindness, you know? Someone going beyond just a job description,” said Yuen Nihi. “It was a privilege for me to witness that and I took out my phone and decided I’m just going to get a snippet of it.”

That video has now brought a lot of attention to Reyes online and at work.

“A lot of people have been messaging me and reaching out,” said Reyes. “They’re like, ‘I’m not surprised it was you.'”

“I think it’s nothing more than what most of us at Hawaiian Airlines do. That’s our love and we get to love on our passengers,” said Reyes.

Reyes has been a flight attendant for almost three years and tells us she’s always comforting babies on long flights.

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