Hawaii Volcanoes National Park set to reopen


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is reopening on on Saturday, Sept. 22, at 10 a.m.

Most of the park has been closed since May due to increased volcanic and seismic activity of Kilauea volcano. Because of that activity, park officials want to remind visitors that the park is a wild place. The dramatic landscape of Kilauea is constantly being shaped by powerful and uncontrollable natural forces.

Park areas remain unstable and unsafe from thousands of recent earthquakes and caldera collapses.

  • Stay on open trails and roads. Closed trails and roads are dangerous; do not enter.
  • Stay away from cracks and sinkholes. Falls into cracks have seriously injured and killed people. Cracks have unstable edges; do not approach them.
  • Rockfalls are unpredictable. Pay attention and keep away from all cliffs.
  • Wear sturdy shoes and long pants. Falling on lava rock is like falling onto broken glass.
  • Do not hike after dark. Even those who know the area must be cautious due to new hazards.

Those coming on reopening weekend should expect lots of traffic, very limited parking, long lines, and large crowds throughout the park. Park-goers should also bring three to four quarts of drinking water because there is no potable water in the park.

Learn more about the park reopening here.

The map below shows what roads and trails will be open. If it is not listed as open, it is closed and considered dangerous and off-limits.

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