KHON2 first announced that a time capsule was discovered at the Hawaii State Capitol back in December 2018. 

Today, on the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the state capitol, the items were unveiled. 

The time capsule was recovered from a wall on the side of the building. The copper box was put in the wall before the building opened back on March 15, 1969 by then-governor John Burns. 

“I read through the words of Governor Burns when he dedicated this building and it’s so unbelievable how his words about the architecture and the symbolism of this building is so meaningful today as it was 50 years ago,” said Governor David Ige. 

Inside Gov. Burns’ time capsule were photos of his cabinet, the first Hawaii state constitution and photos from all eight islands. The photos showing how much has changed in 50 years. 

“They speak to a time that is no longer here,” said state archivist Adam Jansen. “You look at the amount of change, the growth that we’ve gone through and compare it to the pics that are in there and it’s absolutely amazing to look at those today.”

Even Gov. Ige was surprised to see his family’s name in the old phone book. 

“It’s just so remarkable to see all these things, it’s just so well preserved it really gives us a glimpse of what happened 50 years ago, the makeup of the people the leaders in the community,” said Hawaii first lady Dawn Ige. 

Also revealed on Friday, the new time capsule which is 50 pounds of steel and will be put into the same hole on May 1, 2019.  

“A time capsule is one of those things where the past can communicate with the future and this was one communication that was fully etched into the building,” Jansen said. 

The task force needs the public’s help to decide what to put into the new time capsule which will be opened on March 15, 2069. 

Gov. Ige will be going to public and private schools asking high school seniors what they think should go into the time capsule. 

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