HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Department of Health said vaccinations have been increasing for four consecutive weeks, but this comes as COVID cases continue to surge in the state.

More vaccines were administered this weekend, than some entire weeks in the past. The Department of Health said 14,788 doses were administered over the weekend. DOH spokesperson Brooks Baehr said it is the needed boost for the state to get closer to its goal of vaccinating 70% of the state’s population.

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“The last week of July, we did a little more than 14,000 shots administered in an entire week,” Baehr said. “Well now, we got just a weekend where we did more than 14,000 shots, so we are well on our way to a fifth consecutive week of seeing an increase in the number of doses administered.”

Vaccinations are increasing but so are COVID numbers. The state is aware of more than 10,000 active cases across the islands.

Nearly 400 people went in for a third dose this weekend, and more than 7,500 completed their two doses. While more than 6,800 people for the first shot.

Baehr said it is possible concerns about the Delta variant are prompting people to get vaccinated. This month, the state and counties began requiring a weekly negative COVID tests for unvaccinated employees.

Pfizer recently got the official approval from the FDA for its vaccine.

Baehr said, “Fully protected, doesn’t prevent you from being a breakthrough case, We know there’s a lot of breakthrough action going on. What it really will do it will help prevent severe illness and death.”

Those who have fallen ill with the virus or have tested positive should wait at least 10 days to receive a dose of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, those getting vaccinated now, will not have the full effect of the doses until weeks out. Health officials said staying with those in your household this holiday weekend may be for the best.

Baehr said, “We would really ask that people, really, really be careful. We got to knock the cases down. We got to keep people out of hospitals. We got to save lives.”

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