The Hawaii Better Business Bureau is fighting back after receiving reports of callers using the BBB name as part of a scam.

Hawaii Better Business Bureau CEO Greg Dunn says scammers are exploiting the BBB’s good name, this time on the phone, posing as employees offering to help lower interest rates.

“It is quite infuriating to have someone using your name in the community to try and rip people off,” he said. “If the consumer says, ‘Oh my credit card interest rate,’ then the conversation becomes about lowering your credit card interest rate and sending money to the individual as a member of the Better Business Bureau will help you lower your credit card interest rate.”

Dunn says dozens of reports have surfaced here in Hawaii within the last month, and at least one local victim reported falling for the scam.

“They convinced him to send his mortgage payment to a point where they had identified, ‘Please send us your mortgage payment, because we are going to refinance your loan,'” Dunn said. “‘We just need you to send us the $2,350,’ so that person did. They sent the $2,350 to the third party that had contacted them via phone.”

But for the victim, the nightmare may not be over.

Besides losing the money, the victim may have also given out personal information like bank account and credit card numbers, which opens up the possibility of unwanted accounts being opened up

The BBB says it does not call and promote services in exchange for money. Click here for more information from the BBB.

Some red flags to watch out for include time-sensitive offers, as well as attempts at confirming information about you where you need to provide the information.

If you’re interested in loans or refinancing, it’s best to contact your lender or bank directly.

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