Hawaii Republicans gather with high hopes for general election


Hawaii Republicans gathered for a picnic at Kapiolani Park Sunday to celebrate their victories in the primary election.

Traditionally the underdogs in Hawaii politics, the party says it wants to bring a new energy to the state.

“So what the Hawaii Republican Party is bringing is a new message of accountability, opportunity, and responsibility so that Hawaii and its people can find the solutions that have been causing us problems for the last 58 years,” said Hawaii Republican Party chairwoman Shirlene Dela Cruz Ostrov.

Andria Tupola, the Republican candidate for governor heading into the general election, said, “For me being a women candidate, younger, especially representing a new direction for Hawaii. I mean I’ve only been a legislator for four years, which I intentionally decided to move right now so people would know that I didn’t wait 10 to 15 years to make this decision and watch the entrenchment and systemic issues compound themselves.”

The party thinks it has some strong candidates who could pull off an upset in November.

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