Hawaii lawsuit against president’s travel ban on temporary hold


A Hawaii federal court judge has put off a hearing scheduled for Wednesday regarding the lawsuit Hawaii filed against President Trump.

State Attorney General Doug Chin says he is waiting to see what the result of Tuesday’s appeals court hearing in San Francisco is before moving forward.

Three federal judges grilled lawyers from the Justice Department and Washington state via conference call as they try to figure out whether to reinstate the president’s extreme vetting measure on seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Chin says that regardless of the ruling, it will not mean that Hawaii’s case is dead. He stands by the lawsuit, saying he is protecting Hawaii’s interests against what he calls unconstitutional and illegal behavior.

“I do feel strongly that people here can understand that the impact on Hawaii citizens’ ability to be able to go back and forth, and the impact on our tourism industry as well, as just the people who live here and their ability to see their family members is impacted in a different way,” Chin said.

“From a resource standpoint, we have been challenged to the very limits. The pace and the amount of work that we’ve had to put into dealing with just this executive order has been phenomenal.”

The state has also hired an outside legal firm to help in its efforts. There is no word yet on how much that’s costing.

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