KHON2’s Wake Up 2day and Living808 present a special series from the Island of Hawaii. Trini Kaopuiki went exploring and found the joys of a staycation on Hawaii’s largest island.

UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate was founded in 1989 by one of the largest coffee companies in Japan.

Ueshima Coffee Company develops various coffee-related businesses and is engaged in all aspects involving coffee, from producing and selling coffee to cultural activities.

Peggy Stevens, UCC Hawaii production and sales manager, says Mr. Ueshima fell in love with the property on Hawaii Island and wanted to grow coffee there.

The estate, which boasts over 15,000 coffee trees on approximately 35 acres of land, is located 1,509 feet above sea level at the foot of Mt. Hualalai. The estate has breathtaking views of the ocean and Kona town, and optimal weather conditions essential for making top quality coffee.

UCC Hawaii offers tours of the estate. People are invited to learn how aromatic Kona coffee is grown and can also enjoy a roastmaster’s tour, where they can create their own private-reserve Kona coffee.Related Links: