A 3-year-old Hawaii island boy who died while in foster care will be laid to rest this weekend.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Fabian Garett-Garcia died at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea.

But questions still surround his death.

According to the family’s attorney, an autopsy on the toddler has been done, but the medical examiner is not releasing the results.

The family has not been told why.

“The sooner we see that autopsy report, the sooner my client either can get closure on arguably the worst thing a parent can go through, which is the loss of a child, or there’s new information that might be useful for us in moving forward and holding anyone responsible,” said attorney Jeffrey Foster. “To my knowledge, there’s not any drug screening that needs to be done or any of the usual reasons why it takes longer for an autopsy to be released.”

The family has asked anyone with information to come forward, and Foster says they have received some tips from the public.