Hawaii Island residents survey aftermath of Tropical Storm Madeline

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For now, things have returned to normal on Hawaii Island as residents assessed the damage that Tropical Storm Madeline left behind.

Blue skies over Hilo were a welcome sight after Wednesday’s nonstop rainfall and gusty winds that clocked up to 50 miles per hour in some areas.

Though not everything is back to normal. Hilo Bay’s waters are still brown from storm water.

Once the weather cleared, county officials and residents assessed the damage and worked quickly to clean the mess Madeline left behind.

“This is what’s left. I think we really dodged a bullet, because the house was not damaged externally,” said Waiope resident Ramon Goya. “Yes, we were very worried… It seems like this is the area where lots of the storms that are coming from the south come this way, so we are really worried about it.”

“In a matter of moments, we could’ve had a real problem here,” said Vacationland resident Kevin Kushel. “At one point, we were sitting out there and it kind of seemed like a cruise, because the water was really all the way around the house.”

“The storm was not like Iselle, but it kicked up real mean surf,” said Hawaiian Paradise Park resident Dan Kealoha.

Residents say they know they’re not totally in the clear.

They’re monitoring Lester’s track and are now preparing for what the hurricane is expected to bring.

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