Mission accomplished!

A Hawaii island man met his formidable goal of walking 100 miles in four days.

It wasn’t about losing weight or to get healthier, but to raise awareness for a new senior housing facility.

Like most of of us, Wayne Kawachi enjoyed a relaxing New Year’s Day. Then on Jan. 2, he started walking.

It began what would be a 100-mile walk in four days.

He had already completed 75 miles by Thursday, and arrived at his destination in Naalehu on Friday.

“We’re trying to raise funds to buy a piece of property to build senior housing for the town of Naalehu,” Kawachi explained.

Kawachi is president of O Kau Kakou, a non-profit organization that serves Kau residents.

He hopes his walk from Honokaa to Naalehu will help raise both awareness and funds — $250,000 for the housing facility.

“I feel like a full 71-year-old now,” he told us with a laugh Thursday afternoon. “I was hurting pretty bad, but I’m determined to finish this walk.”

Kawachi loved every minute of it, and he wasn’t alone. Members of his organization joined in along the way with food, water, and perhaps most important, encouragement.

Kawachi completed the final 24 miles on Friday, stopping only when he reached the site where the new facility will ultimately stand.

Not only was his walk largely uphill, but he did the whole thing in his rubber slippers.

“I got this one blister. I guess you can say it hurts a little bit,” Kawachi said.

After Kawachi reached the “finish line,” a victory celebration was held at Naalehu Community Center, where he was treated to a hearty plate lunch and a well-deserved massage.Click here to donate to Kawachi’s cause.