Hawaii General Election 2018 fourth release

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Count updated on November 6, 2018 11:29 p.m.

U.S. Senator(249 of 249)
(D) HIRONO, Mazie K.268,97571.13%
(R) CURTIS, Ron109,17028.87%
U.S. Representative, Dist I(115 of 115)
(D) CASE, Ed130,38473.16%
(R) CAVASSO, Cam41,06323.04%
(L) TIPPENS, Michelle Rose3,3681.89%
(G) BURD, Zachary B.2,0961.18%
(N) GRIFFIN, Calvin C. (G)1,2960.73%
U.S. Representative, Dist II(134 of 134)
(D) GABBARD, Tulsi150,16177.34%
(R) EVANS, Brian43,99422.66%
Governor and Lieutenant Governor(249 of 249)
(D) IGE / GREEN238,78962.74%
(R) TUPOLA / KERNS128,00333.63%
(G) BREWER / ING9,8182.58%
(N) TERUYA / ROBOTTI3,9651.04%
State Senator, Dist 1(9 of 9)
(D) KAHELE, Kaialii12,46487.45%
(L) ARIANOFF, Kimberly A.1,78812.55%
State Senator, Dist 3(12 of 12)
(D) KANUHA, Dru10,47379.23%
(L) LAST, Michael L.2,74520.77%
State Senator, Dist 6(9 of 9)
(D) BAKER, Roz8,71767.51%
(G) SHISHIDO, Melissah (Mish)4,19632.49%
State Senator, Dist 12(10 of 10)
(D) MORIWAKI, Sharon Y.9,13970.25%
(R) MARIANO, Lynn Barry3,87129.75%
State Senator, Dist 17(8 of 8)
(D) NISHIHARA, Clarence7,60968.87%
(R) CLEMENTE, Roger3,44031.13%
State Senator, Dist 18(8 of 8)
(D) KIDANI, Michelle11,53967.09%
(R) SOLIS, Tony5,66132.91%
State Senator, Dist 19 Vacancy(7 of 7)
(R) FEVELLA, Kurt6,00350.56%
(D) LOPRESTI, Matthew S. (Matt)5,87049.44%
State Senator, Dist 21(5 of 5)
(D) SHIMABUKURO, Maile5,68159.02%
(R) GARCIA, Diamond D.3,94540.98%
State Representative, Dist 2(5 of 5)
(D) TODD, Christopher L.T.6,68283.26%
(R) MANIPOL-LARSON, Grace1,34316.74%
State Representative, Dist 3(7 of 7)
(D) ONISHI, Richard H.K.5,77777.59%
(L) FOGEL, Fred F.1,66922.41%
State Representative, Dist 7(5 of 5)
(D) TARNAS, David6,46376.79%
(R) BELEKANICH, Tom1,95323.21%
State Representative, Dist 10(5 of 5)
(D) MCKELVEY, Angus L.K.3,59960.13%
(R) MARTEN, Chayne M.1,30121.74%
(G) MATHER, Jen Kamaho’i1,08518.13%
State Representative, Dist 13(9 of 9)
(D) DECOITE, Lynn P.5,65871.77%
(G) NIKHILANANDA, Nick2,22528.23%
State Representative, Dist 17(4 of 4)
(R) WARD, Gene7,96082.94%
(L) YIM, Alan J.K.1,63717.06%
State Representative, Dist 18(4 of 4)
(D) HASHEM, Mark Jun6,78168.13%
(R) SOUZA, Ola3,17231.87%
State Representative, Dist 20(4 of 4)
(D) SAY, Calvin K.Y.6,01872.87%
(R) ALLEN, Julia E.2,24027.13%
State Representative, Dist 22(3 of 3)
(D) BROWER, Tom3,52466.64%
(R) HENSKI-STARK, Kathryn1,76433.36%
State Representative, Dist 27(5 of 5)
(D) OHNO, Takashi4,78374.48%
(R) KEALOHA-LINDSEY, Mela1,63925.52%
State Representative, Dist 30(4 of 4)
(D) CACHOLA, Romy M.1,69160.20%
(R) VELASCO, Mar1,11839.80%
State Representative, Dist 36(3 of 3)
(R) OKIMOTO, Val4,78254.66%
(D) LEE, Marilyn B.3,96745.34%
State Representative, Dist 37(4 of 4)
(D) YAMANE, Ryan I.6,69871.14%
(R) SMART, Mary2,71728.86%
State Representative, Dist 40(4 of 4)
(R) MCDERMOTT, Bob2,93655.79%
(D) MARTINEZ, Rose2,32744.21%
State Representative, Dist 41(5 of 5)
(D) CABANILLA ARAKAWA, Rida3,86353.76%
(R) FIDELIBUS, Chris3,32346.24%
State Representative, Dist 46(4 of 4)
(D) PERRUSO, Amy A.3,11766.15%
(R) MILLER, John E.1,59533.85%
State Representative, Dist 47(4 of 4)
(D) QUINLAN, Sean3,65258.34%
(R) FALE, Richard Lee2,60841.66%
State Representative, Dist 50(4 of 4)
(R) THIELEN, Cynthia5,20062.29%
(D) PREGITZER, Micah Kalama3,14837.71%
State Representative, Dist 51(6 of 6)
(D) LEE, Chris5,85369.20%
(R) GALEA’I, Noe2,60530.80%
Maui Resident Trustee(249 of 249)
LINDSEY, Carmen Hulu119,04955.36%
KAPU, Ke’eaumoku95,99544.64%
Oahu Resident Trustee(249 of 249)
AKAKA, Kalei144,08155.40%
KIA’AINA, Esther115,98744.60%
At-Large Trustee(249 of 249)
WAIHEE, John D., IV143,61522.12%
AHU ISA, Lei (Leina’ala)113,50717.49%
LEE, Brendon Kalei’aina103,09415.88%
AILA, William J., Jr.100,68315.51%
AKANA, Rowena Noelani98,71615.21%
HANOHANO, Faye (Pua)89,49813.79%
Councilmember, Dist 7, County of Hawaii(4 of 4)
VILLEGAS, Rebecca (Shute)3,02456.48%
DRYSDALE, Kelly2,33043.52%
Mayor, County of Maui(34 of 34)
VICTORINO, Mike26,53155.30%
COCHRAN, Elle21,44644.70%
Councilmember (East Maui)(34 of 34)
SINENCI, Shane22,88454.54%
CARROLL, Claire Kamalu19,07445.46%
Councilmember (West Maui)(34 of 34)
PALTIN, Tamara Akiko Maile27,52265.85%
NAVA, Rick14,27034.15%
Councilmember (Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu)(34 of 34)
LEE, Alice23,19752.93%
ATAY, Alika20,63047.07%
Councilmember (Kahului)(34 of 34)
KAMA, Natalie (Tasha)27,69861.63%
ARAKAWA, Alan M.17,24738.37%
Councilmember (South Maui)(34 of 34)
KING, Kelly Takaya30,02971.82%
CROUSE, Zandra (Amaral)11,78528.18%
Councilmember (Makawao-Haiku-Paia)(34 of 34)
MOLINA, Mike23,70854.47%
FURTADO, Trinette19,81545.53%
Councilmember (Upcountry)(34 of 34)
SUGIMURA, Yuki Lei Kashiwa26,74461.60%
STARBUCK, Hannibal E.16,67038.40%
Councilmember (Lanai)(34 of 34)
HOKAMA, Riki22,02152.64%
JOHNSON, Gabe19,81547.36%
Councilmember (Molokai)(34 of 34)
RAWLINS-FERNANDEZ, Keani21,37851.38%
CRIVELLO, Stacy Helm20,23048.62%
Mayor, County of Kauai(16 of 16)
KAWAKAMI, Derek S.K.16,79767.82%
RAPOZO, Mel7,96932.18%
Councilmember, County of Kauai(16 of 16)
CHOCK, Mason K.12,92810.26%
KANESHIRO, Arryl12,64410.03%
EVSLIN, Luke A.12,4829.90%
KAGAWA, Ross10,6658.46%
KUALII, KipuKai L.P.10,4398.28%
BRUN, Arthur9,3967.46%
COWDEN, Felicia8,5336.77%
SPINDT, Milo K.F.8,1826.49%
APALLA, Juno Ann A.8,1056.43%
DECOSTA, Billy D.7,7316.13%
DOCTOR SPARKS, Norma7,4155.88%
ROVERSI, Adam P.6,4465.11%
ISERI, Shaylene Lei Maile5,6754.50%
AHUNA, Kanoe5,3954.28%
Councilmember, Dist IV, City and County of Honolulu(17 of 17)
WATERS, Tommy17,79550.10%
OZAWA, Trevor17,72349.90%
Councilmember, Dist VIII, City and County of Honolulu(16 of 16)
ELEFANTE, Brandon J.C.14,01454.85%
KITASHIMA, Kelly Puamailani11,53645.15%
Constitutional Convention(249 of 249)
HAWAI’I: Public Notice and Voting Requirements for the Salary Commission(43 of 43)
HAWAI’I: Fiscal Impact Statements for Amendments to the Hawai’i County Charter(43 of 43)
MAUI: Claims(34 of 34)
MAUI: Penalties(34 of 34)
MAUI: Open Space Fund(34 of 34)
KAUAI: Public Defender(16 of 16)
KAUAI: Electric Power Authority(16 of 16)
KAUAI: Zoning Board of Appeals(16 of 16)
KAUAI: Public Access, Open Space, Natural Resources Preservation Fund(16 of 16)
KAUAI: Salary Commission(16 of 16)
KAUAI: Term Limits(16 of 16)
HONOLULU: Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation(155 of 155)

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