There are many healing benefits of classical yoga and meditation. It can help with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, and challenging relationship dynamics.

This morning on Wake Up 2Day, author and yoga therapist Jennie Lee, one of the featured authors at this year’s Hawaii Book and Music Festival, joined us in studio to talk about her first book.

Lee says yoga is very much in the public eye these days through glamorous images of people doing beautiful postures in exotic locations, but True Yoga is actually an ancient science of living that is comprised of ethical lifestyle guidelines, physical movement, energy management techniques, self-reflection, meditation, selfless service, and devotion. The postures help us get resilient and strong, the meditation and energy management techniques help us get clear and peaceful minds. We become less emotionally reactive to the stressors of everyday life and we maintain inner peace regardless of outer circumstances. True Yoga is a process of transformation, and a way of approaching life for optimal happiness.

Lee is one of the featured authors at the 12th edition of the Hawaii Book & Music Festival, presented by Bank of Hawaii. The event promises to be one of the finest yet with best-selling local and national authors as well as gifted new writers; three new themed pavilions; award-winning Hawaiian Music and hula artists on the Main Stage; ongoing Keiki Stage performances; and a rich offering of thought-provoking panels on topics ranging from history and Hawaiian culture to wellness and politics in Hawaii.

In all, festival-goers will have more than 140 events at 10 pavilions and stages to choose from over the course of the two-day event, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days in downtown Honolulu. Admission to the festival is free and there is lots of free parking at the adjacent municipal parking lot.

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