With the bulk of the concentration focusing on West Maui fires, residents in Upcountry Maui are still dealing with the flooding damage brought by Lane. 

One Haiku resident explained to us what happened during the onset of the storm, and what her neighborhood looks like now.

“We heard a really loud crack, like a bunch of trees falling at once, rumbling like thunder,” said Jennifer Kryska. “We came up top and the entire cul de sac split open. There’s a fissure in the ground about 25 to 30 feet deep. Water was rushing down through it. It carried all the metal piping and everything through our backyard. The water came up probably a good five to six feet at its peak at night.”   

Another tenant, Felicia Smith, says she was there when the crack opened. 

“Friday night, I was standing outside with a police officer when we saw the first tree hit the ground,” said Smith. “We both looked at each other, went inside to warn Jennifer to move her car which was against the guardrail. Within two minutes of her actually moving her car, it actually fell through. That’s when it caused the massive flooding to come around our property, which you can kind of see here now.” 

The two also say their home doesn’t have water or electricity, and they have no idea when they’ll get it back.

“We’ve been manually putting water inside the toilets to flush. We have supplies backed up but we have probably eight people living in this house right now,” said Kryska. “We’re struggling.”