Gun goes off in prosecutor’s office, no report filed with authorities


A gun went off inside the Honolulu prosecutor’s office, and now an investigation is underway to find out how that happened.

Sources tell us an investigator with the prosecutor’s office was cleaning his weapon during office hours when it accidentally went off.

The incident was never reported to Honolulu police or the state sheriff’s office.

KHON2 spoke with former Honolulu prosecutor Peter Carlisle, who says that’s a big mistake.

Sources tell us that the gun was a Glock semi-automatic, and the bullet went through the wall and into the next office, then through another wall into a second office, and then struck a filing cabinet about chest-high.

No one was inside the other two offices and no one was hurt.

KHON2 went to the prosecutor’s office to find out more, but was told no one could comment during the investigation.

Should the office be investigating itself? Not according to Carlisle.

“You need to have a new set of eyes on what happened and that means investigating exactly what happened from start to finish. It’s critical,” he said. “How could you possibly think that this is gonna be an unbiased investigation when it’s being done by the people who are responsible to make sure it didn’t happen? That makes no sense.”

The prosecutor’s office would not confirm how the gun was fired, but KHON2 also asked if there’s a policy with regard to cleaning a firearm inside the office.

A spokesman sent a statement saying, “We won’t indulge any speculation while the investigation is ongoing.”

KHON2 also asked the prosecutors office how many investigators it has and how many of them are armed. A spokesman said there are 22 investigators. All are armed and have police powers.

Sources say the investigator who fired his weapon has been working at the prosecutor’s office for at least 30 years.

“It’s embarrassing to law enforcement in general to have something like happen and therefore, in my opinion, strong and independent steps need to be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Carlisle said.

We’ve learned from an expert at Honolulu Firearms and Range that gun owners are supposed to check inside the chamber and then put their fingers inside to make sure there are no bullets before cleaning a gun.

As an extra precaution, they’re also supposed to fire it away from anyone before taking it apart.

“That’s what they’re supposed to be doing per your owner’s manual as well as whatever classes you take and that’s supposed to be your steps that you go through,” said sales associate Cameron Cortez.

KHON2 checked with HPD to see if there is a policy on cleaning a weapon inside an office. A spokeswoman says it is allowed as along as proper safety protocols are followed.

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