Parents and children visiting from California were frightened by in-room burglary as they slept — on the first night of their Hawaii vacation. It was the first time they had vacationed in Waikiki.

Far too many of us know the sickening feeling of returning home only to find that precious, irreplaceable belongings have been stolen by burglars.

Imagine how much more intense the feeling would be if you awoke to realize that a burglar had been standing right over you and your children while you slept in a hotel room.

It happened over the weekend to Sunny and Kevin, guests in the Rainbow Tower at Hilton Hawaiian Village, who agreed to talk with us if we didn’t show their faces and with-held their last name.

“Some of the stuff that was stolen from our room was also on the night-stand table right between the two beds, so you can imagine someone coming into the room, grabbing stuff and coming all the way to where we’re sleeping. Right by where the kids’ pillows are. Literally feet away from where we were.”

The couple is grateful that none of them woke up during the incident and that none of them was hurt.

The children, ages nine and 10, are nevertheless, shaken.

They didn’t realize anything was wrong at first. Then they started getting notifications about fraudulent activity with their credit cards. When Kevin couldn’t find his wallet and they realized Sunny’s purse and other belongings were gone, they called hotel security. Police were called as well.

In a statement, Hilton Hawaiian Village has said that the safety and security of its guests are its top priority. After their own harrowing experience, the parents have asked the company, for the good of all guests, to beef up security even further.

Kevin says, “It’s scary how easy it is to gain access, and how easy it is for these types of things to happen, because there’s no, I’m no security expert, but for anyone to be able to walk into a four-star hotel and steal from rooms, and just have free roam over the entire complex.”

In the previously released statement, Hilton officials said the hotel is cooperating with the official investigation and will continue to do what it can to make guests feel safe on hotel property. 

The family has since moved onto the Aulani, as previously planned, for the second half of the vacation.