Groups protest controversial travel ban, call it unconstitutional


On Oahu, a gathering was held Wednesday to speak out against President Trump’s controversial travel ban.

Members of ACLU of Hawaii, Muslim Association of Hawaii, Japanese American Citizen’s League, and the Interfaith Alliance all took part.

The order temporarily bans refugees and travelers from seven countries that are considered security risks. Opponents say this unfairly targets Muslims since the countries on the list have a majority Muslim population.

“We want to bring awareness to the public that there are a lot of people in Hawaii that care about this issue and that we’re not going to just sit by while people’s constitutional rights are being violated,” said immigration attorney Maile Hirota.

“This is a political distraction from the real issues affecting the U.S. and us as Americans at the expense of the most vulnerable of the world — the orphans, the elderly, the women,” said Hakim Ouansafi, Muslim Association of Hawaii. “It’s evil, un-American, and inhumane, and would take years for all of us to heal from.”

The White House has denied that the order is a ban on Muslims, and insists it’s within the constitution.

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