Group responsible for hiking trail swings will take them down


Videos of daredevils on a swing atop the summit of the forbidden Haiku Stairs hiking trail, thousands of feet above the H-3 Freeway, have been popular on social media.

The Board of Water Supply, however, is hiring a contractor to take it down in the next few weeks.

But what about other swings popping up at various trails across Oahu?

A lot of these swings are on official state trails, and the state says if it sees one, it will be removed.

KHON2 reached out to the group 808 Swing Journey, who are behind many of these swings, and was told Saturday that they will take them down over the next few weeks because of the negative impact they’re creating on the island.

If you’ve hiked a trail on Oahu, like the Kuliouou Ridge Trail, you’ve come across a colorful swing about a hour into the hike with #808swingjourney painted on it.

“I like the idea of having the 808 Swing Journey,” said K. Latzka of Kaneohe. “It’s been fun watching these swings being discovered on social media and getting people to go outdoors.”

But to the state, it’s a liability. “Somebody’s gonna get hurt,” said Marcus Gregg of the 808 Caveman hiking group, “and guess who’s gonna get sued? The state.”

Aaron Lowe, the trails and access specialist with the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, said “It might be really neat and fun to play on, but was the rope in good shape? Is someone maintaining it? Those are the responsibilities that we have as a state agency. So things like swings, we generally don’t go into the business of.”

The state says swings, or tree houses, are not allowed without a permit. If you are caught installing one, it is considered a misdemeanor.

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