Grounding of Boeing jets causing discomfort for visitors


An Air Canada flight that was supposed to leave from Honolulu to Vancouver was canceled this morning. 

The passengers we spoke to say they understand and agree with the decision. But it was definitely an inconvenience. Not something they expected after a nice vacation in Hawaii.

Air Canada passengers who expected to leave Honolulu in the morning say they’ve been rebooked on a Boeing Triple 7 red eye, Wednesday night. At least for the next two days, Air Canada will be combining its two daily flights to Vancouver into one flight with a bigger plane. But customers who showed up at the airport early Wednesday morning were caught in an inconvenient situation. 

“We are stuck with our luggage so it’s probably easier for us just to stay here and wait,” said George Milthorp, a visitor from Vancouver. “The cab ride here is $45. So it’s going to cost $45 to go back if we want to go back to Waikiki and $45 to come back. We are going to be wandering around Waikiki with our bags. We can’t really get a room.” 

The airline has given the passengers who came to the airport a $10 meal voucher. The meal vouchers help but travelers say there aren’t any options except for this Starbucks in lobby 6.

The passengers couldn’t get past TSA because it was too early for them to get to their gate and they have their check-in luggage with them. 

“I just thought we were going to get pushed a couple of hours but it’s going to be 12 which kind of sucks,” said Zachery Murray, a visitor from Toronto.  

And it doesn’t end for those who need to get on a connecting flight. 

“I hope we have a place to sleep if it’s too long. I hope the company will offer us some lunch, more than $10 for people for one day,” said Gohanne Perron, a visitor from Quebec. 

“So I can’t get another flight to Toronto for 24 hours. Now I’m going to be pushed to Friday, mid-day. I’m losing two days of work,” said Murray. 

But the passengers said they understand the precautions.

“I was relieved actually. It was good news. It was not bad because of the accident. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Andy Nabipour, a visitor from Vancouver. 

This is just one of many flights impacted. Air Canada said it is trying to re-schedule flights with minimal disruption and no additional fees for affected customers but travelers should expect delays. 

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