Ground Hornbill still on the loose


Two Ground Hornbills escaped from the Honolulu Zoo on Sunday after a tree branch crashed onto their enclosure.

Shortly before 5:00p.m. Sunday afternoon more than a dozen employees of the Honolulu zoo, all with large nets in hand, headed for one of the downed trees at Kapiolani Park after reports one of the birds was seen there. 

Although they are called Ground Hornbills, they do fly, as we discovered during a live update. 

Using chicken and mice in hopes of luring the animal down to the ground the bird kept the zookeepers on the run flying from one side of the park to another. 

After chasing after the bird for more than an hour and a half the team of zoo employees lost sight of the animal and called it a night with hopes that it may find its own way home.

Honolulu Zoo employee Thomas Bojorques said, “She does have a mate back at the zoo that we do have in holding. So they do have vocalization that they can do so hopefully she can vocalize to her mate and she’ll come back to the zoo.”

Zoo officials will resume their search Monday morning. They said if you do come in contact with the bird, do not feed her food and call 911.

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