A brutal murder on the North Shore left a woman dead and the suspects are currently in police custody.

KHON2 was there as Stephen Brown, 23, and Hailey Dandurand, 20, were arrested amid an angry crowd of bystanders in Mililani.

The two are accused in the gruesome murder of a woman who was found dead at a vacation home rental on Ke Iki Road.

They were both charged over the weekend with several counts including second degree murder, burglary, and kidnapping. Brown’s bail is set at one million dollars, Dandurand at half-a-million.Related Story: Police arrest two suspects in connection with North Shore homicideRelated Story: Murder suspect has history of physical domestic abuse

The victim was identified as Telma Boinville. Police say she was beaten with a baseball bat. Her 8-year-old daughter was found gagged and tied up in a separate room.

Many in the North Shore community expressed heartbreak and disbelief, and say they’re still trying to make sense of such a tragic event. They say it’s been especially difficult for the children who know the victim’s daughter.

The North Shore is a tight-knit community where most residents know each other, so when something like this happens, everyone grieves.

Neighbors tell us that she had been hired to clean the vacation rental home. Outside, well-wishers placed flowers at a makeshift memorial.

“Every time you see her, there’s a big smile on her face. She’s really going to be missed. You can just feel it in the air. It’s really sad,” said North Shore resident Stephanie Matthew.

“It was such a senseless act. I can’t imagine the level of evil one must be to do something like that,” said North Shore resident Lauren Maxton.

Tears fell down as prayers went up Friday night in Haleiwa.

“This kine stuff doesn’t happen in Haleiwa. This kind of stuff never happens here,” said resident Alika Bajo.

The victim’s family knelt in front of the candles and flowers as the crowd prayed and sang silent night. At one point, her husband was seen blowing a kiss to her picture.

For many people here, the death hits too close to home.

“Something like this to happen, it shocks all of us. It makes us realize how fragile life is for one thing, and that we really got to watch out for one another,” Bajo said. “We all feel it. You feel it. Everybody feels it.”

They were too emotional to speak on camera, but several people say Boinville was a loving mother who spent most of her time with family.

The focus now is taking care of her daughter.

“We support the family and promote the healing, and just let them know that we here to support them,” Bajo said. “This makes us open all our eyes and just try little bit harder to take care of each other.”

The vigil ended with cheers for the family along with a vow to take back the community that’s been riddled with grief.

Boinville worked at Sunset Beach Elementary for several years. She was well known to both students and their parents.

“She was a great mother and very kind woman,” said parent Jenna Fuga. “Her family are just good people, and this was just senseless, and it’s just tragic. It’s hard to process.”

The school sent a letter home to parents that read:

“Ms. Telma was a beloved member of our Sunset Beach Elementary School (SBES) family.

This morning, we will tell our students about Ms. Telma’s passing. To support our students, SBES will have addition school counselors and District Behavioral Specialists available. The additional personnel will be here to respond to the emotional needs of our SBES community and provide students and teachers with resources such as grief counseling and classroom debriefing to facilitate healing.

Sunset Beach Elementary School is a family and we will be here to support one another, our students, and our families.”

Friends and neighbors aren’t just feeling the loss of a loved one.

They say they’re now living in fear, especially for their children, and there’s the sense of security that is now missing.

It’s especially concerning because the children are aware of it, so parents are having a hard time explaining why this happened.

“Lots of questions, especially about the little girl left behind, what’s it going to be like for her being raised without a mother, and what’s it like to lose a parent,” said parent Michael Colosimo.

“I have a 5-year-old and an 11-year-old, and I’m trying to think, how do you even bring it up?” said Fuga. “You just put fear into their mind that things like this can happen.”

Boinville’s husband, Kevin Emery, posted a statement on social media thanking the community for their support.

He says she was a loving and caring person, and she will be forever in the family’s hearts.