Governor Ige’s emergency proclamation means there could be less access to Mauna Kea


The emergency proclamation will allow law enforcement to close down more areas and highways on Mauna Kea. This already includes Saddle Road, and could extend to areas where protesters are currently allowed to be in.

“We’ve been trying to balance and maintain access to Mauna Kea in a way that would be respectful. It’s very clear that we need to secure access in a better way,” said Governor David Ige in a press conference on Wednesday.

He said the state is open to make some allowances, but at the same time will enforce the law.

“Cultural practices that did not interfere with moving equipment to the site would be allowed. But clearly, any effort that is illegal… any effort to block access to the construction site would not be allowed.”

Governor David Ige

He said right now the state is working with law enforcement on what actions to take next. There are no plans in place as of yet.

“We are looking at what is necessary to ensure that we can get project equipment and personnel to the construction site so that they can begin construction on the project,” said Governor Ige.

“The Thirty Meter Telescope did receive all the permits required to be constructed and we’re committed to ensuring that the project has access to the construction site.”

Governor David ige

With protesters not showing any signs of backing down or moving, the governor was asked what the state plans to do. He says that will be announced when it’s decided.

To see the full video of Governor Ige’s press conference you can visit this link.

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