Governor extends emergency proclamation for Puna lava flow


Gov. David Ige has signed a supplemental emergency proclamation relating to the lava flow that threatens the Puna district of Hawaii Island.

The proclamation extends the disaster emergency relief period through December 31. The previous end date was March 6.

“The state stands ready to support Hawaii County in its response to the lava flow,” Ige said. “This extension of the emergency proclamation aids current monitoring and response and recovery efforts. The lava isn’t going to just go away and we need to work together to ensure the community’s health and safety.”

The extension suspends certain laws as needed for emergency purposes. Copy of the proclamation text can be found online here.

A request to expand the Presidential Disaster Declaration to include debris removal and permanent work to repair eligible government and private non-profit infrastructure damaged by the lava flow was submitted in early February.

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense, there continues to be very little change in the down slope areas and there is no immediate threat to area communities. Surface activity and activity along both margins extending from the west or just above the flow fronts to the summit area continues with numerous small breakouts.

The surface breakouts along the length of the flow pad continues to provide an indication that the tube system is being supplied and lava from the source is making its way to the down slope areas.

Smoke conditions were light with a light northeast wind blowing the smoke in a southwest direction. Smoke conditions may increase in some areas and individuals who may be sensitive or have respiratory problems are advised to take necessary precautions and to remain indoors.

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