Glade releases fragrance ingredients, what goes into a “Hawaiian Breeze?”


SC Johnson became the first major consumer packaged goods company to release product-specific fragrance information.

The first product line the company has distributed ingredients for is Glade®, their home fragrance product.

SC Johnson says they are trying to increase transparency of their ingredients. The company cites a study that found consumers wanted to know what was in their products. Nearly 75 percent of respondents said they would buy products from the company that provided detailed lists of ingredients in what they made.

The company says the fragrance ingredients they release will be from “the highest concentrations down to .09 percent of the product formula, or the top 10 ingredients when there are at least 20 ingredients, whichever provides the most information.”

The company says they will be adding other brands such as Pledge®, Windex®, Shout® and Scrubbing Bubbles® to their enhanced fragrance disclosure program.

SC Johnson also produces products in pest control, air care, home cleaning, home storage, shoe care, and auto care.

SC Johnson ingredient disclosure website:

One of SC Johnson’s Glade® fragrances is called “Hawaiian Breeze.”

“Waking up in paradise means beautiful views accompanied by the welcoming fragrance of plumeria in bloom.”

What chemicals produce “the fragrance of plumeria in bloom?”

  • allyl 3-cyclohexylpropionate
  • allyl caproate
  • benzyl alcohol
  • butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
  • coumarin
  • dipropylene glycol
  • ethyl hydroxypyrone
  • ethyl methylphenylglycidate
  • gamma-nonalactone
  • methyldihydrojasmonate

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