Getting calls from your own number? Don’t answer it!


If you’ve been getting calls and the caller ID shows your own number, you’re not alone. 

The phone companies are getting complaints about them. Some of our viewers called Action Line for answers.

They’re known as spoof calls and while we’ve had them in the past, these are harder to block because your own number is being spoofed.

Bernice Poole got six calls on Thursday, each one less than an hour apart.

“At 10:51 and then 11:42 then 12:36,” she said.

Caller ID shows up on her TV and it flashes either her number or her name. She answered once and it was robocall telling her there was something wrong with her computer’s IP address. She hung up but the calls kept coming.

“Annoyance and also fear with what’s going on, so that’s a big thing. Are they compromising other things in my life?” said Poole.

Hawaiian Telcom says it’s been happening to both landlines and cellphones. The company has received more than 200 calls from customers wondering if anything’s wrong and what can be done about it. 

A spokeswoman says even blocking the number wouldn’t really help.

“We can certainly block the number that’s calling you but in the end the number that’s calling is not that number. It’s a mask so you’re really not blocking the number that it’s coming from because that number is masked,” said Ann Nishida Fry, of Hawaiian Telcom.

Experts say the calls are likely from scammers trying to get personal information or solicitors trying to sell something. And it’s easy enough to disguise the number that shows up on your caller ID.

“They just want you to pick up. It could be a solicitor it could be someone who’s trying to scam you and grab a little bit of data that they can from you. So there’s a lot of different reasons why they want you to pick up the phone,” said Tim Caminos, CEO of Supergeeks.

So the best thing to do is not to answer the phone. And if you do do not give out any personal information.

“Here you are trying to stay up to date with electronics and so forth and it’s not worth it at times,” said Poole.

These spoof calls seem to come in waves. The last time, the calls were coming from a number similar to the number being called.

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