German prosecutor: Co-pilot hid illness


(CNN) — We’re now learning more about the Germanwings co-pilot accused of intentionally crashing a plane into the French Alps.

Authorities searched the homes of both Andreas Lubitz and his parents.

Prosecutor Christoph Kumpa said authorities made a startling discovery in the searches.

“The investigation did not lead to finding a letter where he says that he wants to suicide or any declaration that he has done anything out of political or religious cause,” he said.

“We have found documents of medical content that indicate an illness, and we have found a document that indicates that he had gone to medical doctors concerning the illness. We have found a letter that indicated that he was declared by a medical doctor unfit to work. They were found slashed in a dustbin, so we have reason to believe that he hid his illness from the company he was working for.”

The hospital, a clinic at the University of Dusseldorf Hospital, said that Lubitz was there on March 10 for “diagnostic evaluation,” but insisted he was not treated for depression.

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