Fugitive wanted for sexual abuse captured on Kauai after 11 years on the run


On Monday, US Marshals from the District of Utah arrested William Lawrence on Kauai. Lawrence had been on the run since 2006, when he was convicted of Forcible Sexual Abuse and Forcible Sodomy.

At the time of the alleged abuse, Lawrence worked as a correctional officer for the Utah Department of Corrections.

The 41-year-old used his badge to coerce a young girl into performing sexual acts against her will.

Before the sentencing hearing, Lawrence escaped and was pronounced a fugitive since late 2006.

“As a former law enforcement officer, Lawrence knew the strategies used to track down fugitives. He was able to elude law enforcement for years – until now,” Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal Derryl Spencer said.

While revisiting cold cases in October, US Marshals discovered Lawrence had created a fake identity and was living in Hawaii.

On Sunday, two US Marshals from Utah flew to Kauai to arrest Lawrence with the help of US Marshals/Task Force Officers assigned to the Honolulu office.

Lawrence was taken into custody without incident at the local McDonald’s on Kauai while having lunch.

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