More frustration for Oahu residents trying to renew their driver’s licenses.

The city changed the system this year to allow drivers to make appointments and avoid long waiting times. But people contacted us saying the system still needs work.

People are angry because at some locations, appointments aren’t available for two months, or aren’t available at all. So instead, people are waiting in line, and sometimes being turned away just 30 minutes after the DMV opened.

The line at Koolau Driver Licensing Center starts hours before it opens at eight in the morning. By midday frustration sets in. Some of the people trying to renew their driver’s license or state ID are here because they were turned away from the Kapalama site, which was overbooked by 8:30.

“I got turned away they were overbooked. They gave me a piece of paper and said please go to any of these other locations,” said Jeanne Mathis.

For Marilyn Waialae, the quest to renew her parents’ state ID’s started yesterday when she was turned away at Kapalama.

“So we traveled all the way to Kapolei after that, trying to get their ID’s and we stood in another line for about three hours,” said Waialae.

But by then four o’clock came and the site closed. So today she’s at Koolau and has now been waiting for about six hours.

“We’re still waiting to pay and take the photo because we got to prove that we got all the correct documents but we’re still waiting to get the ID’s. That’s ridiculous!” she said.

We checked with other counties to see if this has become a problem. On Maui, You can get an appointment tomorrow at the Kahului main branch. Granted, Oahu’s population is more than six times the population of Maui.

But the Kahului branch also has nine windows to process renewals, the same amount that Kapalama has, which clearly has to handle more volume. 

The city points out that the summer months are always busy and that people can renew their license up to six months before their birthday, and still keep the birthday expiration date. The city adds that the Koolau and the Waianae sites have the earliest next available appointments.

The city also has a link that shows how long the lines are at the driver license centers,